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Students' Dissertations and Theses

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W. Hao Wide Baseline Stereo Image Rectification and Matching Ph.D. Dec. 11 15.8MB
T. Ragland Automated Visual Monitoring of Machining Equipment MS Dec. 11 12.5MB
H. Hariharan Extending Depth of Field via Multifocus Fusion Ph.D. Dec. 11 5.39MB
S. Zheng Pixel-level Image Fusion Algroithms for Multi-camera Imaging System MS Aug. 10 5.62MB
C. Cheng Scene Segmentation and Object Classification for Place Recognition Ph.D. May 10 6.59MB
Z. Chen Automated Correction and Optimized Contrast Enhancement of Multi-Line CCD Images Ph.D. Dec. 09 24.1MB
C.-H. Chen Automated Surveillance Systems with Multi-Camera and Robotic Platforms Ph.D. Aug. 09 4.17MB
H. Chang Multispectral Imaging for Face Recognition Over Varying Illumination Ph.D. Dec. 08 3.76MB
S. Rangan Uncertainty Minimization in Robotic 3D Mapping Systems Operating in Dynamic Large-Scale Environments Ph.D. Dec. 08 11.2MB
S. Rujikietgumjorn Segmentation Methods for Multiple Body Parts MS Aug. 08 6.37MB
M. Jackson Wide-Area Surveillance System using a UAV Helicopter Interceptor and Sensor Placement Planning Techniques MS Aug. 08 2.30MB
Y. Yao Long Range Automated Persistent Surveillance Ph.D. Jan. 08 4.28MB
B. Grinstead Detail Enhancing Denoising of Digitized 3D Models from a Mobile Scanning System Ph.D. Jan. 08 5.67MB
V. Orekhov A Full Scale Camera Calibration Technique with Automatic Model Selection - Extension and Validation MS Aug. 07 2.04MB
N. Naik Design, Development and Characterization of a Thermal Sensor Brick System for Modular Robotics MS Aug. 06 5.73MB
J. Morris Design of an Active Stereo Vision 3D Scene Reconstruction System Based on the Linear Position Sensor Module MS Aug. 06 3.11MB
M. Yi Multispectral Imaging for Illumination
Invariant Face Recognition
MS May 06 1.53MB
A. Drira GPS Navigation for Outdoor and Indoor Environments MS May 06 3.37MB
R. Barreto Migration from Teleoperation to Autonomy via Modular Sensor and Mobility Bricks MS May 06 1.56MB
S. Yu Digitizing and 3D Modeling of Road
Surface using an Integrated Multisensory
MS Dec. 05 4.56MB
V. R. Ayyagari Pose Invariant 3D Face Authentication
based on Gaussian Fields Approach
MS Dec. 05 4.15MB
C. Kammerud Comparison of Microscopic Modalities for the 3D Model Reconstruction of Nanodevices MS Dec. 05 5.03MB
T. Wilson A Comparison of the Sensor Brick Concept as a Modular System Architecture to the
Real-time Control System as the
Operational Architecture
MS Dec. 05 1.25MB
V. Agarwal Ridge Regression Approach to Color Constancy MS May 05 2.49MB
N. Ali Reverse Engineering of Automotive Parts
Applying Laser Scanning and Structured
Light Techniques
MS May 05 1.77MB
C. Broaddus Universal Geometric Camera Calibration with Statistical Model Selection MS Dec. 05 1.45MB
F. Boughorbel Multimodal Three Dimensional Scene Reconstruction, The Gaussian Fields Framework Ph.D. May 05 3.54MB
Y. Zheng X-Ray Image Processing and Visualization for Remote Assistance of Airport Luggage Screeners MS Dec. 04 11.9MB
P. Govindasamy Thermal Modeling and Imaging of As-built Automotive Parts MS Dec. 04 2.42MB
S. Katwal Range Sensor Brick for Modular Robotics (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 04 2.40MB
N. Naik Infrared Imaging Sensor Brick for Modular Robotics (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 04 2.16MB
A. Poduri Video Sensor Brick for Modular Robotics (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 04 2.29MB
S. Rangan Curvature Variation as Measure of Shape Information MS Dec. 04 4.73MB
M. Schultz Multiple View 3D Reconstruction of Micro- to Nano-Scopic Specimens MS Dec. 04 5.34MB
Y. Zheng X-Ray Image Processing and Visualization for Remote Assistance of Airport Luggage Screeners MS Dec. 04 11.6MB
H. Iddamsetty Segmentation of Range Images for Modeling of Large Outdoor Scenes (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 1.3MB
M. Lian 3D Stepper Motor System and its GUI Design (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 1.2MB
S. Dandala Data Acquisition & Transfer for Remote Video Surveillance (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 2.7MB
U. Chidambaram Edge Extraction of Color and Range Images (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 4.29MB
B. Ramadoss Hardware and Software Development of a Wireless Imaging System for Under Vehicle Inspection Robot (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 3.3 MB
J. C. Ng Multiperspective Mosaics and Layered Representation for Scene Visualization MS Dec. 03 2.95MB
V. Alagarraj Hybrid 3D Modeling of Large Landscapes from Satellite Maps (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 1.76MB
J. Heo Fusion of Visual and Thermal Face Recognition Techniques: A Comparative Study (project in lieu of thesis) MS Dec. 03 5.64MB
Y. Zhang

Superquadric Representation of Scenes from Multi-View Range Data

Ph.D. Aug. 03 5.18MB
D. Page

Part Decomposition of 3D Surfaces

Ph.D. May 03 3.25MB
Y. Sun

Surface Modeling and Analysis Using Range Images: Smoothing, Registration, Integration and Segmentation

Ph.D. Dec. 02 3.39MB
H. Gray

Integration of multiple range and thermal image pairs using a volumetric method to create textured 3D models

MS Dec. 02 7.41MB
K. Kase Effective Use of Color in X-Ray Image Enhancement for Luggage Inspection   (project in lieu of thesis)         MS July 02 1.16MB
H. Zhang A Hardware Platform for an Automatic Video Tracking System Using Multiple PTZ Cameras (project in lieu of thesis) MS June 02 .7MB
C. Pedro Lee Mine Detection Techniques Using Multiple Sensors (project in lieu of thesis) MS Aug. 01 1.8MB
S. Lee

The Efficient 3D Object Representation and Recognition using Part-Based Superquadric Models from a Range Image

Ph.D. Jun. 01 13.8MB
S. Gleason

Development of a unified probabilistic framework for segmentation and recognition of semi-rigid objects in complex backgrounds via deformable shape models

Ph.D. May 01 14.1MB
E. Juarez-Valdes Complex Scene Modeling and Segmentation with Deformable Simplex Meshes MS Dec. 00 4.54MB
M. Toubin

Characterization and Simplification of Numerical Models from Real World Scenes using Multiresolution Approach in a Multi-Sensor Context

Ph.D. Nov. 00 4.16MB French
B. Chase

Calibration of Scanning Laser Range Cameras with Application for Machine Vision

MS Dec. 99 10.3MB
L. Wong An algorithm and system for finding the next best view in a 3D object modeling task MS Apr. 99 0.7MB
C. Gourley Pattern vector based reduction of large multimodal data sets for fixed rate interactivity during visualization of multiresolution models Ph.D. Nov. 98 2.1MB
S. Burgiss Range image segmentation through pattern analysis of the multi-scale wavelet transform MS Aug. 98 4.5MB
R. Collier Characterization of a range scanning system utilizing a point laser range finder MS Aug. 98 4.2MB
M. Elstrom A Stereo-based technique for the registration of color and ladar images MS Aug. 98 2.0MB
M. Hunt Quantitative pattern recognition using non-linear model-based analysis Ph.D. May 98 1.3MB
S. Thayer

Task-domain vision: theory and architecture

Ph.D. May 98 12.3MB
E.D. Lester Feature extraction, image segmentation, and surface fitting: the development of a 3D scene reconstruction system MS May 98 2.1MB
D. Elsner Volumetric modeling through fusion of multiple range images with confidence estimate MS Dec. 97 2.8MB
K. Johnson Development of a Versatile Wide-Angle Lens Characterization Strategy for use in the OMNIster Stereo Vision System MS Dec. 97 0.7MB
J. Goddard Pose and motion estimation from vision using dual quaternion-based extended Kalman filtering Ph.D. Dec. 97 1.5MB
J. Banta Best-next-view: minimizing the number of range images for 3D model reconstruction MS Dec. 96 15.4MB
C. Richardson

A regularized data fusion approach to multisensor surface reconstruction and edge detection applications

MS May 96 6.48MB
M. Williams Application of artificial neural networks in the quantitative analysis of gas chromatograms MS May 96 11.0MB
O. Neiroukh Range Image Segmentation Through Multiresolution Analysis Using Wavelets MS May 95 19.7MB
R. Salinas Regularized fusion: gray and color edge detection and surface reconstruction Ph.D. Aug. 94 20.4MB
M. Baccar Surface characterization using a Gaussian weighted least squares technique towards segmentation of range images MS May 94 11.7MB
M. Abdulghafour

Data fusion through fuzzy reasoning applied to feature extraction from multi-sensory images

Ph.D. Dec. 92 17.5MB
J. Sluder

Autonomous range image-based object detection and location, and parallel surface fitting for range data

MS Dec. 92 10.7MB
J. Spears

Multisensor Fusion of Contact Data


MS May 91 9.51MB
R. Narkhede

Fusion and Uncertainty Modeling of 3-D Multisensory Data

MS Aug. 89 6.91MB
C. Tan

Landmark tracking and camera calibration

MS Aug. 89 8.92MB
C. Delcroix

Analytical fusion of edge maps in multisensory images

MS Aug. 88 14.1MB
A. Ali

A 2D and 3D robot path planning algorithm based on quadtree and octree representation of the workspace

MS Dec. 87 12.5MB

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