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IRIS Lab Internal Page
Automotive Research Center Ideas
Robotic Camera Instructions
IMAGING170 RDP (Windows 7 does not support this feature, however, you can change the server to IMAGING154.IMAGING.UTK.EDU)

Research Projects

3D Mapping
DoD: Tracking
Scene Simulator
Embedded Systems (Steven, Ying shared)
Air Force
Real-Time Multi-Sensor System for Safety and Security of Glove-box Operations
Automatic Asset Monitoring
Sandia National Laboratories
Road Mapping

NSF US-Korea Cooperative Research: Model-based Analysis of Moving Objects for Video Tracking
University Research Program in Robotics
SAFER: Security Automation and Future Electromotive Robots
Operator Assisted Threat Assessment for Carry-on Luggage Inspection
Gate-to-Gate Automated Video Tracking/Location
Video Tracking

University Program in Mobile Robots